Jane Mushabac has written books, short stories, and essays. Her many awards include a Mellon Fellowship and a Leapfrog Press international fiction contest award for her novel, His Hundred Years, A Tale by Shalach Manot. She wrote her short story, “Pasha,” in Ladino. Her NPR radio play, Mazal Bueno: A Portrait in Song of the Spanish Jews, is available on CD, and her monologue, “Joya Gormezano,” was performed in Tovah: Out of Her Mind! an off-Broadway show that has toured to over fifty cities here and abroad. She’s the co-author of A Short and Remarkable History of New York City (Fordham University Press and Museum of the City of New York, 5th printing 2008), a “Best of the Best” of the American Association of University Presses. Her book on Herman Melville was called “bold and ambitious” by Sewanee Review, and her Melville essays have appeared in the Columbia Journal of American Studies and an MLA anthology. Mushabac’s work has been translated into Russian, German, Bulgarian, and Turkish. She teaches creative writing at City Tech, a CUNY campus in Brooklyn with students from all over the world.