Short Writings

Going Out on a Limb: Joha

Review essay on Folktales of Joha collected by Matilda Koén-Sarano. Conversations (Autumn 2017).

The Phenomenon of Rivka Abiry

A review essay on Abiry’s collection of Ladino short stories, Una Lagrima, Una Riza, Lo Ke Mos Konta Rivka [Tears and Laughter: The Stories Rivka Tells Us]. Essay in Ladino: El Amaneser (Istanbul newspaper October 2017). Essay in English: Sephardic Horizons, online journal 7.1-7.2 double issue (Winter/Spring 2017 issue). »

Major Sephardic Novelists: The Risks They Take

The Guest Editor’s Note introduces the topic she developed and the four articles she selected on major Sephardic novelists, Sephardic Horizons, online journal 6.3-6.4 double issue (Fall/Winter 2016). »

Diversity and the Jews

Essay. Conversations (Autumn 2014).

Sephardic Jewry: Not Built in a Day

Review essay on After Expulsion: 1492 and the Making of Sephardic Jewry by Jonathan Ray. Jewish Currents (Autumn 2013). »

Seven Songs

Essay. Conversations (Spring 2012).

Is “Sephardic” a Name Brand?

Essay. Conversations (Spring 2010).

New Jersey

Short story. Chautauqua Special issue, Words and Music (issue 7, 2010).

Ishmael or Ishfemale: Gender and Humor

Essay. The Columbia Journal of American Studies online, Featured Article of the Month (Fall 2007).

Rebecca Touro Lopez

Signed article in Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia. CD-ROM, Jewish Publication Society (2006). Updated version of article in Jewish Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia. Eds. Paula E. Hyman and Deborah Dash Moore, Routledge.

Homero Aridjis’s Picaresque Novel

Review essay on 1492: The Life and Times of Juan Cabezón of Castile by Homero Aridjis. Midstream Yiddish/Ladino issue (Summer 2006).

Judith and the Theme of Sapientia et Fortitudo

Essay on tenth-century epic. Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism. Ed. Jelena Krstovic, Vol. 68, Gale (2004).

Notes on Teaching Moby-Dick

Essay. Approaches to Teaching Melville’s “Moby-Dick.” Ed. Martin Bickman, Modern Language Association (1985, 3rd printing 1997).

Book Review of Melville and Repose: The Rhetoric of Humor in the American Renaissance by John Bryant

Modern Philology (May 1996).

Brief aus New York an besorgte Deutsche

(Letter from New York to concerned Germans), essay. Trans. into German Matthias Fienbork. Freibeuter (Berlin quarterly) Special issue, international commentary on German violence against immigrants (1993).


Short story. Survival Prose. An anthology from the St. Marks Fiction Workshop. Introduction by Seymour Krim. Eds. John Gerald and George Blecher, Bobbs Merrill (1971).

That Ol’ Time Unionism, With a Futuristic Beat

Village Voice (October 23, 1969).

Review of Mystery and Manners by Flannery O’Connor

Village Voice (3 July, 1969).